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Dan Flynn
Title: Terra
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Terra
Medium: Photoshop, Lightwave
Fan Art Featured Artist - 14 October 2005
Download: [700x475 (244.77k)]
Comment: I've wanted to do a Final Fantasy VI fanart for so long. I've tried, but always failed. So when I realized that this sketch of Terra was turning out halfway decent, I decided to go all out. I colored her in Photoshop, and created the Magitek armor and background in Lightwave. First time I mixed 2D and 3D, and I plan on doing it more often now.
Title: Tifa Says Goodbye
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Tifa, Aerith
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art Featured Artist - 14 October 2005
Download: [800x436 (158.59k)]
Comment: Anyone who's creates fanart and has played Final Fantasy VII has most likely depicted the death of Aeris at some point in time. I tried on many occassions, but wanted to make something different. I always thought the saddest part of the game was actually Tifa's goodbye. It was very heartbreaking. So finally, 6 years after first playing the game, I created this. I tried my best to make something that wasn't overdramatic, just something that was... touching, I guess.
Title: Closer
Game(s): Grandia III
Characters: Dahna, Yuki, Alfina, Alonso
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Download: [600x603 (244.6k)]
Comment: Here I've been experimenting with new coloring styles, and I'm very pleased with how this came out. I hardly even touched the airbrush, which gave this a more painterly look because of that. I'll have to see how far I can take this with future art. This took 2 solid days of work from sketch to completion.
Title: Post Gaia
Game(s): Grandia PlayStation
Characters: Justin and Feena
Medium: digital
Download: [750x460 (202.26k)]
Comment: I actually find using the cel-shading style in my artwork is harder than realistic shading, because I'm always unsure of where to make sacrifices in detail. If there's too much detail the shading while using this style, it ends up looking... just not right. Cel-shading is about the simplicity, and I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to make it simplistic! Anyway, I really love this scene. If I told you what Feena was looking at, I'd ruin the game, so let's just say it's a scene from the end of Grandia.
Title: Link's New Look
Game(s): Legend of Zelda
Characters: Link
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art Featured Artist - 14 October 2005
Download: [700x539 (218.66k)]
Comment: This is another one of those drawings I grew to dislike more after I finished it. The eyes and mouth are big problem areas (his eyes being too girlish and far apart, his mouth lacking much of an upper lip). However, I am glad with how most of the CGing came out, especially on his sword, and his hat. And I do like the composition, despite the fact that I made Link a righty.
Title: Zelda Compilation
Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Characters: Zelda, Link, Ganondorf
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art Featured Artist - 14 October 2005
Download: [492x598 (116.01k)]
Comment: What an original title. Anyway, this was created for another IGN contest (contests usually seem to bring out the best in my artwork). I barely, just barely got 1st place, right next to someone with a very cool Link vs Fire creature drawing. Anyway, I attempted to CG this, but realized it was a lost cause. This is a drawing that's best suited the way it is--a pencil drawing. I like almost all of it--the only thing that really bugs me is Ganondorf's hand. It just isn't drawn right. And, once again, I made Link a righty, instead of a lefty.
Title: Malon
Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Characters: Malon
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art Featured Artist - 14 October 2005
Download: [675x750 (149.31k)]
Comment: This was a follow-up to my Esmerelda drawing. They're both done in a very similar style and setup. I'm not as happy with this one however; something seems wrong in her face, the designs on her dress aren't too convincing, and that basket is a complete rush job. Still one of my better CG's though. XD And I'm quite fond of the pose.
Title: Pick Your Battles
Game(s): Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Characters: Link, Ganon
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art Featured Artist - 14 October 2005
Download: [583x1000 (232.95k)]
Comment: I originally made this for a contest a forum user held at IGN, and actually won 1st place! I really put my all into this. It took weeks to complete, so much tweaking to get it just the way I wanted it. I got lucky, because that doesn't happen too often. XD; I'm so happy with how it turned out, and this is definitely my best (and most ambitious) drawing/CG to date.


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