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  Title: Full Metal Halloween
Game(s): Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Ed, Winry
Medium: mixed (hand made, painted with manga studio, brush
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Download: [Download (266.28k)]
Comment: I found no Full Metal Alchemist fanart related to Halloween so I decided to make a fanart this year from the game/anime
Title: Gentle Phoenix
Game(s): Shining Force III
Characters: Masqrin, Phoenix
Medium: Mixed
Fan Art  
Download: [844x1200 (483.69k)]
Comment: I always wanted to do a Shining Force fanart. Since Phoenix appears in the game as a firebird (it's 100% fire), I modified it to suit its mythological description. Since Masqurin has a wand in the game that summons the bird, I did a ''gentle portrait''.


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