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Wolfe Wallace
Title: Illusion Of Gaia - Larai Cliff
Game(s): Illusion of Gaia
Characters: Will
Medium: Digital
Fan Art Featured Submission
Download: [900x895 (630.17k)]
Comment: /
Title: Secret Of Mana - Walkabout
Game(s): Secret of Mana
Characters: Three Protagonists Without Names
Medium: Digital
Fan Art  
Download: [900x687 (544.54k)]
Comment: I have very fond memories of this game. It was beautiful, with a lovely OST and a story that was mind-blowing for a 15 year old boy new to fantasy :)
Title: Potos Village
Game(s): Secret of Mana
Characters: Hero
Medium: Colour Pencil and Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [1000x590 (809.2k)]
Comment: Really did love this game, I did.


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