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Title: Backup
Game(s): Final Fantasy III DS
Characters: Desh
Medium: Markers
Fan Art  
Download: [399x404 (78.08k)]
Comment: My favourite of the tag-alongs. Come on, Desch was the coolest, IMO.
Title: Flareon
Game(s): Pokémon
Characters: Naminé
Medium: /
Fan Art  
Download: [300x300 (8.7k)]
Comment: When I first saw that pokémon, it looked like a sheep... with a bad sunburn.
Title: True Love
Game(s): Pokémon Gold / Silver
Characters: Ash, Espeon
Medium: Markers, Corel Paint
Fan Art  
Download: [322x374 (31.53k)]
Comment: I hope Pikachu doesn't get jealous.


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