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Joe Harris
Title: Jauffre
Game(s): Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Characters: Jauffre and (infant) Martin
Medium: Adobe PhotoShop with Wacom tablet
Fan Art  
Download: [526x665 (123.09k)]
Comment: To me, Jauffre embodies what it is to be an "unsung hero."
Title: Island Nations Vacation
Game(s): Suikoden V
Characters: Georg, Lyon
Medium: Unknown
Fanart Omni Art 2006 Round 1 Second Place Winner
Download: [666x518 (137.56k)]
Comment: This is what I envision Georg, the prince, and Lyon doing after the events of Suikoden V. I figure they'd stop off in the Island Nations (from Suikoden IV) on their way to the northern continent. I know the bikini top stealing/beach motif is overdone, but I thought it was appropriate because Lyon spends most of the game at the heels of the prince.


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