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Title: Chrono Trigger Ending
Game(s): Chrono Trigger
Characters: Crono, Marle, Luxa, Frog
Medium: Painter 7
Fan Art  
Download: [600x927 (118.12k)]
Comment: es I know Frog and Lucca shouldn't be there, but I just want to draw them. XD
Title: untitled
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Cloud and Aeris
Medium: Watercolor
Fan Art  
Download: [506x700 (71.88k)]
Comment: None.
Title: final fantasy XI chibis
Game(s): Final Fantasy XI
Characters: all classes in FFXI
Medium: painter 7
Fan Art Featured Submission February 03, 2006
Download: [700x1116 (374.7k)]
Comment: N/A


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