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Tales of Legendia
Title: Winter Break
Submitter(s): Brandon Palaver
Characters: Senel Coolidge, Chloe Valens, and (secretly) Norma Beatty
Medium: Pencil and Photoshop
Download: [900x654 (441.03k)]
Comment: It's really too bad that not as many people like Tales of Legendia, because it ended up being one of my favorite Tales games. Chloe and Norma, especially, were very likable characters, and I always wanted Senel and Chloe to get together. Anyways, this piece depicts Senel and Chloe out at the snow sculpture festival being tailed by the ever curious Norma. I hope you like it. =)
  Title: Ors Ors Ors
Submitter(s): JW
Characters: Jay
Medium: Gimp, drawing tablet
Fan Art  
Download: [Download (71.73k)]
Comment: "I didn't like any of the character designs in Legendia except for Stingle. Jay was the worst. He's suppose to be this genius ex-assassin, but he's wearing puffy purple clothes, clown makeup, and break dances during victories. The otter people that he lives with were pretty cool."
Title: Unseen Jay
Submitter(s): Ludeshka
Characters: Jay
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Download: [523x700 (142.04k)]
Comment: "Re-offender" lyrics by Travis. I loved ToL and all of its characters, but Jay was my favourite. Next: Oresoren fanart!


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