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Dragon Warrior VII
Title: Fluffy White Death
Submitter(s): Google
Characters: Unknown
Medium: unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [616x462 (44.2k)]
Comment: N/A
Title: Meet my Friend
Submitter(s): Guillaume Chartier
Characters: Hero, Maribel, Gabo, Wolf
Medium: Gouache
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Quarter-Finalist
Download: [679x508 (195.39k)]
Comment: Waaaah I finally decided to do this for Omniart, even though I'm currently swamped like mad in school work! Anyway, had a lot of fun with it, first time I draw in this Toriyama style. Fun and simple, the whole thing took about 10 hours. I think Dragon Warrior deserves more fanart too, so yeah, here it is! Hope you guys enjoy!


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