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Shadow Hearts
Title: Alice Elliot
Submitter(s): Chrissy
Characters: Alice
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [341x797 (188.83k)]
Comment: No Comment
  Title: Cheesy
Submitter(s): JW
Characters: Frank and (fat) Hilda
Medium: Gimp, drawing tablet
Fan Art  
Download: [Download (105.73k)]
Comment: "Frank is this old man that claims to be a Ninja.. He's like Joachim from Shadow Hearts 2, he finds random objects to use as swords. Hilda is a vampire that changes size depending on the calories in the blood that she drinks. I prefer playing as fat Hilda, she's also fun to draw."
Title: Shadow Hearts
Submitter(s): Kurot
Characters: Yuri and Johnny
Medium: Photoshop, Painter
Fan Art  
Download: [400x518 (199.57k)]
Comment: Shadow Hearts is different from other rpgs... it's not medieval! haha.


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