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Fallout 3
  Title: Power of the Atom
Submitter(s): TomR
Characters: Vault 101 Dweller
Medium: Adobe Photoshop
Fan Art Featured Submission
Download: [Download (200.16k)]
Comment: **SPOILER** A drawing I wanted to make about Fallout 3 which included one pivotal decision you could make about a certain place in the Capital Wasteland.. While this description shouldn't spoil anything, the picture might give away a possible plot direction for those not already familiar with the game.. At first I wanted to showcase the many paths your character could take in regards to appearance, weapon choice, and other decisions. However the more I thought about it, the more impact a slightly ambigous still shot had on me. As for the gun choice, the Hunting Rifle was my favorite for a long time (at least before I acquired enough .308 ammuntion). Enjoy.


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