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Final Fantasy XV
Title: Hot FF verus XIII Guy
Submitter(s): PeaceUP
Characters: His name's not released yet. >_>
Medium: Photoshop
Fan Art Featured Submission - 26 January 2007
Download: [411x600 (24.64k)]
Comment: This guy is hawtsauce, lolol, so when his picture was released, I had to draw him. >_>
Title: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Guy
Submitter(s): PeaceUP
Characters: Unknown
Medium: Digital
Fan Art  
Download: [650x950 (262.35k)]
Comment: I decided to re-edit this artwork I did a couple years ago, after being lazy. The period of when I created this was back when this game and character had first been announced. So, considering that, there were basically just two pictures of him released for me to use as a reference. Pretty crazy stuff. It took a couple days if I remember correctly, to finish in Photoshop.


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