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Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2
Title: Angelug
Submitter(s): Red
Characters: Lamia Loveless, Angelug
Medium: Oekaki
Download: [300x300 (75.3k)]
Comment: Old, old oekaki drawn after I got SRW Advance but since Lamia and Angelug ARE coming to America in OG2, I guess I can count it as OG2 fanart... ^^;;;; Of course, the sad part is... I hear that she's an unrecruitable enemy character in OG2... Oh, Banpresto, why must you be so cruel... ;_;
Title: Christmas Present
Submitter(s): Red
Characters: Ryusei, Latooni
Medium: Digital
Fan Art  
Download: [450x450 (116.24k)]
Comment: Done for a Christmas contest. What's in the box? A model of SRX. Will it make him notice her and her feelings? Probably not. :p He'll probably forget she's even in the room once he opens it. XD
Title: Lamia and Manami
Submitter(s): Red
Characters: Lamia, Manami
Medium: Digital
Fan Art  
Download: [600x611 (106.86k)]
Comment: Done for a contest, the rules were to dress up a character or two as their units, MS Girls style. For this I chose OG2/A's Lamia Loveless and paired her with 64's Manami Hammill. The reason for this is that while it's never been directly said, it is hinted at in both SRWA and OG2 that the Shadow Mirrors come from the world of SRW64. This point is supported by the fact that Shadow Mirror uses improved/customized versions of 64's Originals. And... Lamia's Angelug, is called within OG2, "SMSC". Some believe this means, Suimarg Splendid Custom, which is an apt description of her Angelug--a Customized version of Manami's Suimarg Splendid. Furthermore, Lamia and Manami's personalities are really divergent which I hope I captured here correctly (Lamia's quiet and reserved, Manami's loud and energetic).


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