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Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation
Title: Flapper Girl
Submitter(s): Red
Characters: Valcione R
Medium: Oekaki
Download: [450x450 (165.1k)]
Comment: Wars.... Taisen... Yes, it's the same word, more or less, but if Banpresto's own website and 15th Anniversary logo read, "Wars", why is Atlus calling it "Taisen"? And if they're going to rename Ryunne, Lunne, does that mean they're going to rename Valcione R, Valcione L? In anycase, a simple picture of Valcione R, named after its theme song, "Flapper Girl". I originally intended to include Ryunne in the picture as well, but she couldn't fit... Curse the small size of oekakis!


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