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Xenosaga: Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra
Title: Xenosaga III-2
Submitter(s): Jamie Jennings
Characters: MOMO, Jr.
Medium: Ink and Photoshop
Download: [800x713 (239.73k)]
Comment: At the end of Xenosaga, MOMO is rebuilding the universe from the Dammerung, while Jr. is searching for the key to save the universe in the Elsa. The game suggests that the two child-like characters will eventually grow into adults. So here is the sequel, in which significantly bustier MOMO joins up with two two additional female characters to save Jr. and the crew from the UMN with her magical transformation powers (or something like that).
Title: Mourning the Lost
Submitter(s): KaylaMarie
Characters: Mary Magdaline
Medium: Digital colored pencils
Fan Art  
Download: [520x495 (51.63k)]
Comment: Mary Magdaline/KOS MOS from Xenosaga III. That field of flowers seems to be a common place in the third game...
Title: Jin
Submitter(s): shroudie
Characters: Jin
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [628x900 (70.85k)]
Comment: The very first rough sketch of a future Jin piece. Nothing really special right now, but it's a start.


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