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Final Fantasy IX
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Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's update! Of course after so many months without an update I didn't expect to get many submissions, but at least we still have a few weeks of catching-up to do with the comic. So let's get right into it!

Boum has sent me this nice piece featuring Vivi and Puck from Final Fantasy IX playing Tetra Master. The children book style works really well with the theme as Vivi questions Puck's honesty in playing the game with his friend. The colors are great and I love how the lighting on the wall contrasts with the shady areas. I also like how the bricks in the bottom ease the eye in leaving the picture into the white frame.

In the comics, the party finally meets up with the game's comic relief antagonist Ultros when the raft crashes on his head. The heroes then start fighting the monster as it teases them. Stay tuned next week to learn what happens! That is, if you've never played the game before. Have a nice week and make sure to send in your fan art!
Maxime Viventi

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