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Hello dear readers! I've been so busy these last days that I barely played anything, skipped work, and did close to no art. What was I doing then? Well, I am moving pretty soon so I had to work at the new place to clean it up and make it fit for habitation. I started this column six days ago (EDIT: twelve), happy to meet my goal of updating more frequently, at least every two weeks, but then it failed. But I'm getting there. So, now that we're here, we might as well have a look at the art we have for today!

Wave has sent in yet another amazing piece of art, this time from Final Fantasy X. Taken from one of the most memorable scenes from the game, it is very well illustrated and the spiralling composition makes it feel as though characters are floating, a nice touch that brings us back to the game. As always, impeccable coloring and good contrast!

TheApocrypha is back with some non-Final Fantasy-themed art, once again in collaboration with FanArtGal . This illustration reminds me of old cartoons, probably because of the art style used and the flat coloring. It gives the whole picture a retro feeling, which is by no means bad. If I can point out a few things, though, I'd say I don't agree with using a pure white as a filling color, especially with a white background. My major concern, though, is the green character's hand. It's not terrible, but it is a bit simplistic compared to the rest of the anatomy, especially the well-drawn face.

Coming back after several months of absence, Aurian sent in a Final Fantasy IV piece of adult Rydia, beautifully rendered in pencils. I'm sure the scan doesn't do it justice as much as it should; the contrast is probably better on the original drawing. The line work is very good, though, and the shading is soft, making this piece relaxing to look at.

Once again very good work from talented artists! In the comics, the heroes carry on with their secret meeting, when they are suddenly interrupted by a wounded Returner collapsing in the hallway. About Locke is also back this week, and our hero meets with Strago, who employs one of the most useless spells he has to prove his point. Thank you for reading, and please send in some art! It might sound useless to mention it, but there might not be a column for a few weeks as I will be moving shortly and will be undergoing surgery. Nothing important, but I might not be able to update anyway. Have a good day!
Maxime Viventi

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