Fan Art September 16, 2009
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Hello faithful readers! I am happy to be able to bring you this new update tonight. My contract is due in about fifteen days, so time is something I don't have a lot of. Just have a look at everything I'm working on right now. It's incredible! I love it, though, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I did play some The World Ends With You this week, but not much. I have decided to post everything I had queued, so please send more art or I'll have to make some myself for next week.

I'll take it quick and easy for this week. Featured today is the continuation of Wein's Dragon Force deluge with three new pieces to add to the collection. I really like the first one, depicting Ganondo- I mean Gongos. It has this sketchy aspect, yet the important lines are solid and thick. The shading is rather nice, too.

The second one is clean line art. Everytime I see a picture like that it reminds me of coloring books. There is good variety in the thickness of the lines, here.

This last one is, like Gongos, on the sketchy side. Actually, the face looks a bit messy because of all the shading and lines. The artist might want to watch out for that!

Nyx submitted two pieces last week on behalf of her friend Maijis, and here they are today. The first one stars two characters from Shadow Hearts, Yuri and Karin. I'd say the file is quite small, and the picture was digitized with a camera, so this might influence the end product, but this image, though it has good qualities, lacks in the contrast department. Otherwise, the technique is well-used and the textures and colors are interesting.

Last one is still by Maiji, but features Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road. Again, good use of the medium, especially around the skirt. The colors are more vivid than in the first submission and the picture, in general, is more detailed. Nice touch on the right with the thumb. It was perfect for the thumbnail.

Thank you very much for reading, it is appreciated. Now, please send in some art, or this place will become my personal portfolio, I swear. Until then, I hope the FF6 Comic will be back next week so everyone can see what happens to our heroes! Have a nice week!
Maxime Viventi

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