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New (Mis)direction

Hello dear readers! Sorry for this late update. I have to say I am getting busier and busier, what with new responsibilities on the site and my newly expanded ''for games'' time. Yes, I have decided I'd spend more time playing games, so there will be some changes to the column. First, there will be a strict limit to how many pictures are featured every week. Second, I won't comment on the pictures anymore; instead, I will ask staff members and various other people to do it for me. The big change is effective starting this week.

  • Frosty
This piece is soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuute! Isn't he adorable? With his little fangs? And his jester hat? And his cute little gloves and booties? I just wanna eat this killer snowman up! He's ever so darling! He also looks very plump and festive. Like a holiday goose!

  • Moogle
In reviewing this piece, we can see that the artist has taken great pains in following in the footsteps of the Analytical Cubist movement, breaking down the essence of "moogulity", as it were, into the simplest of forms. The inherent symmetry of the moogle form is broken by the asymmetrical size and placement of the forelimbs, giving this piece a sense of action in potentia. The strong blockiness of the wings imparts a feeling of stability and power, as if the author wishes to tell us where the moogle's true power lies. At the same time, the use of blue for the wings, in place of the traditional purple, is a bold decision and brings forth the image of the bright skies through which the moogles must fly. The head bobbin, forcefully lying askew the forehead, imparts a sense of direction. This is a moogle who knows where he is going. Finally, the nose is pink. We like pink. It is good.

  • Special Artist Interview
RPGamer had the chance to interview the artist behind the moogle piece. Here is a transcript of the interview.
    <@SeventhCirus> it is a corpse?
    <@Taum Goldlad> it's a moogle
    <@SeventhCircus> looks like hes ready for an autopsy
    <@Taum Goldlad> whether it's dead or not is up to the viewer
    <@SeventhCircus> ah, how artistic

This is it for this week! I hope you enjoyed the art and the new direction we are taking with the column. Don't forget to read the comics. This week, Locke and Terra fight aliens to protect something dear to them. I'd like to thank the artists for submitting their lovely work, my guest critics for their input, and the readers for bothering to read all of this. You guys make the column!
Maxime Viventi

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