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Seven out of Sick

Hello dear readers! This week I am sick. I am not feeling so well, so this update will be a short one. I have started preparing it early this morning, and it is about time to end it. I have played my usual games and my work week killed me. So, without further whining, here is the fanart!

Featured today is newcomer EHP's Vincent Valentine submission. I really like this one. The texture, the colors and the composition are winners. However, I still wish there was more contrast in the lighting. Maybe some more light on the shoulder? Very interesting picture, so do not miss out.

Next, Boum submits Rufus from Final Fantasy VII. This one is your typical Boum illustration: simple design, but straight to the point. Following her Id and Ramza portraits, this latest entry highlights the mystery behind that powerful man.

The last one for today also stars a Final Fantasy VII character, although he appears to you today differently than he did in his first game. Cloud is seen here sporting his Kingdom Hearts garment, posing in front of an Advent Children background. Eclectic drawing, is it not? I like how the cape twirls and takes possession of the space. It gives the drawing some life, seeing as how the rest of the piece is dominated by cool colors or black and white. Good work on the trees, but I believe the amount of detail can make the whole picture confusing.

This is it for this week. I'd like to thank J.E. Simon and Boum for their help in mentioning the column on their web pages. I hope this brings more artists and critics to the column. Or even just people to have a look at the wonderful art our faithful artists come up with every week. Make sure to read the comic, but beware! For in this edition of Comics Corner, blood is spilled. I got rid of the ''previous comic pages'' and in its stead, placed a link to a page listing all the previous entries. I hope you will enjoy this new way of reading the comics. Et sur ce, au revoir!
Maxime Viventi est malade

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