fan art November 26 2006
Omni Art Round 1 Submissions

Second Half

Here's the second half of the beautiful submissions we received for Omni Art Round 1!  If yours wasn't up last time, then it should be up here.  Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who sent in their art - it was all so good we had a hard time choosing!

Remember to start your drawings for Round 2.  The theme is transportation, and the due date is December 20th.  Hope to see everyone's submissions soon!


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  • Lawngnomesorceress: FFX-2 art
  • Shroudie: Xenosaga Double Techs
  • Slayer: Ridley art!
  • Alethea: Shadow Hearts
  • Xero: Crossovers!
  • Libra: Hojo!
  • Davis: Prier X Viera Part Deux, s'il vous plait.
  • Duke Otterland: Oresoren fan art
  • Macstorm: Final Fantasy III art
  • Chinroku_sama: Brave Fencer Musashi fan art
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