fan art November 16 2006
Omni Art Round 1 Winner

Hue Vang
Fun in the Sun
And the winner is...

Omni Art Round 1 has come to a close!  Judging is finished and the results are here!  Congratulations to Hue Vang for winning Round 1 with his piece, "Fun in the Sun."  Winning a round means that you automatically gain access to the Omni Art finals which will take place after the rest of the preliminary rounds.  In second place, we have a delightful Suikoden V piece by artist Joe Harris, and in a close third we have an Okami piece by XPlague and Catchguess.  We had a large amount of pieces, and it was hard for the judges to make their decisions.  There are so many good artists out there!  Thank you to everyone who entered their pieces.  We had a grand total of 14 submissions, which is very good, especially for Round 1.  The rest of the submissions will be posted up here in random order - if you don't see yours up here yet, it will be in the next fanart update, so don't worry!

And while you're here... why not see what Round 2 will be all about?  We here at RPGamer think the transportation in RPGs is really elaborate and over-looked. It would be fun to have a theme where the competitors could draw any RPG character with their ride, be it a shoopuf, motorcycle, time machine.... whatever. So think of your favorite RPG character and decide what you think would be their wheels (or feet!).  Get creative and have fun with it!

The due date for Round 2 is going to be December 20th.  So get those pencils out!  I hope to see everyone's submissions soon!


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