fan art October 22 2006
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Pencil power!
A Plethora of Fantasy
This week's fanart update is full of fantasy!  Everywhere you look, it's fantasy... fantasy... FANTASY!  The featured submission is a lovely little pencil drawing by Ebo of Vincent from Final Fantasy VII.  Ebo's been sending in a number of gorgeous pencil works lately!  Next up, we have quite the endearing picture of Cloud drawn by Delphine Pryde that's sure to get you chuckling a bit.  Following close behind, we have a delightful picture of Nina from Breath of Fire 2 drawn by Angel, and last but not least, a darling picture of Selphie and the lovable Carbuncle drawn by Michael Beckett!  If you're not feeling fantastically awed after this update, I'm not sure what will... cause you to... feel like that.  Exactly!

Remember, the due date for Round 1 of Omni Art is October 31st!  Keep sending in those submissions!


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