fan art October 11 2006
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Hue Vang
Pretty lines...
Wistful Thoughts

This week's fanart update will fill you with thoughts of... wistfull...ness.  Exactly!  An absolutely gorgoues picture of Kairi is this week's featured submission.  Done by Hue Vang, it will blow you away with its amazing lines.  Well, it blew me away with its lines.  Maybe I have a thing for lines.  But anyway, following that is a detailed pen drawing of a warrior Bangaa done by Ebo, a whimsically fun picture of Cait Sith done by shroudie, a beautiful colored pencil artwork of Sephiroth by Baranduen, a delightful oekaki drawing of Lamia and Angelug by Red, and some digital art of Ruka and Stan done by me.

While we're on the topic of art, why don't we discuss Omni Art?  It's coming up faster than you think! 

Omni Art has a total of five rounds - 3 open rounds followed by 2 rounds of finalists. 

The prize for each of the open rounds is an artbook of up to $30.  It should be noted that you can't win this prize more than once.  The first final round will have no prize and is simply elimination.  The prize for the very last round, however, is quite a treat.  $100 for first place, $50 for second place, and a $30 artbook for third place.  How much better can you get?

The basic rules are as follows:  the top three winners from each of the open rounds will get a place in the finals.  Also, three "judges' picks" will be picked from all the entries which will get places in the finals as well.

Now that we know how Omni Art works, I know you'll all be rarin' to rip out those pencils and start drawing, so let's move on to the first round!  The first round will be Hero Vacation/After Game.  This round will really inspire that creative side of you!  Have you ever wondered what happened after your favorite game?  Or maybe what it would be like if your favorite character went on vacation?  Why not show it on paper?  Draw up your best idea and send it in to try and stake your place in the Omni Art finals!  Remember, entries are judged on a lot of aspects such as creativity, composition, originality, and the like, so make sure you put your all into your piece.

The due date for round 1 will be in about three weeks - on Halloween no less!  October 31st will be the last day you can send in your entries.  So get drawing - the due date is coming up sooner than you think!


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