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Oh, my hero! What are you doing on the stage?!
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Hello everyone!  It is none other than I, Chinroku_sama, come to lend a hand to the fanart section.  Poor Libra has had to take some time off, but rest assured, she will be back before long.  While she's gone, I've been asked to handle fanart for a short while in order that the amazing art of RPGamer readers can be shown to the world!  This update was still done mainly by her, it just hadn't been put up yet, so I've left her original description.  Keep sending in that fanart so I'll have some to post next week!

Everybody keep Libra in your thoughts so that she'll be able to join us again as soon as possible!


What a colourful bunch of drawings we have this week! Kashu Arashi has another adorable Dragon Quest VIII monster for us. I also have a double dose of Kingdom Hearts II fanart for you this week with Kim Tram's sweet duo and leonheartless's picture-perfectly posed sextet. This week's featured submission was a really close call. I was heavily leaning towards Lucas Cersaine's amazing composition of Terra. His Magitek is flawless, no?! However, I was swayed by the amazing consistency of Rive6's composition. It is really something to be able to draw your background just as well as you can draw your people/animals/area of expertise.

That's all for this week!

~~ Libra

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