fan art August 16 2006
Featured Submission

There's something about this week's featured submission that is just... electrifying. I wonder what it could be?
Va va BOOM

Welly, welly, well! Look at all the familiar faces! Maeva successfully has blown us away with yet another fabulous submission! If you didn't get enough cuteness last week with Staci/Nadia's Mr.Saturn drawing, we have a triple scoop of cuteness this week. We can always depend on Kashu Arashi to cute us out, but we have also learned that Connor Quigley knows what cute is. This week we're introducing damphyr with a chibi submission of Reno.

I am the girliest girl of all. Everything down to my coat hangers is pink. (There is no sarcasm in the previous statement.) However, you don't have to be the epitome of cute to get on my good side. Take for example Jackson Ferrel. I love Lucca, and any new Lucca picture wins me over in a big way. (I used Lucca and Robo like a plow in Chrono Trigger.) How I feel about Gary Storkamp's submission can't be put in words. I'll use mathematics to elaborate. Phantasy Star + Soft Colouring technique = Muchos Awesome. There is a widely-known correlation between girly girls and the boy-crazy disease. Yes, it is true. I am a victim, and I am crazy for Kain--as well as a wide selection of male RPG characters. doc happened to create a very lovely depiction of Kain.

If I have not scared you off with my rant on how I'm really pumped up because of this week's post, you can read about how I am even more psyched about Omniart! Alright, so I don't have many details on that except the same thing I've been saying: it's close now. This time, I mean that it is SUPER close. I don't want it sneaking up on you.

Send me any questions you have! I am here for more than just posting righteous submissions. If you want to see more of a certain game, I got a slot to post your request. I might even draw something myself just for you. Want any tips; got any tips? You know how to reach me.

~~ Libra

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