fan art August 8 2006
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He's the kind of dad that you wouldn't want to come home to tell him, "I wrecked the minivan."
Heat Wave

I'm back! After ten episodes of Rainbow Brite, six of Transformers, one gallon of ice cream, twenty-six Otterpops and one heat stroke, I am back!

As I had mentioned a few weeks ago my A/C cut out on me. It completely died. As I am sure you all know, those things aren't cheap nor do they grow on trees, shrubberies or any other flowering plants which is what I shall blame for my hiatus--shrubberies, that is, for their poor A/C turn-out.

I am really happy to be back! What makes me even more happy is that Omniart is but a stone's throw away. Get excited!

~~ Libra

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