fan art 6-6-06
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Isn't this darker piece fitting for a day like June 6, 2006? Ok, so it's not Satan worshipping, but it definitly deserves a featured slot!
Octopus is Short for Cake

It's such an eerie day today, no? No, not really. XD

On a more fanart type topic, Tana is a long time contributor to RPGamer's fanart and is back with more! Expect to see more Tana art coming your way this summer; I got a hefty e-mail chock full of submissions. Joe Dininni and Orkaboy are both first time submitters so give them a welcome! "Unle Ulty Cake" is brought to you by yours truly. I'm just out to proove that 'octopus' is really short for cake.

As I glance over today's update, I think it is a little tiny. Do you guys(or girls) want another update this week? It is up to you. Just let me know!

~~ Libra

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