fan art May 29 2006
Featured Submission

Yambe Akka
Smooth shading and soft colors win this fanart the slot of the featured submission. Yambe Akka has given us a breath-taking morsel!

In honor of Memorial Day, I decided to do a special kind of post. All of the artwork this week puts the spotlight on characters. Character design is one of the greatest factors that drives me to draw fanart. When you have a great character, then that is all you need for a polished composition. So here's a salute to all of our favorite characters!

On another note, I have been receiving a TON of great fanart. Some have been forgetting to include the names of the characters depicted. Make sure that you include the name of the characters in the fanart you send me. Most of the time I can decipher who is in the art, but I have not had the time to play every game out there. Sometimes I will not know who I am looking at if you do not tell me. ;) Also, I have recently received an interesting piece of fanart. It's not your typical artwork, and it got me thinking. Fanart does not have to be drawn. It can be sculpted, glued, papier-mâchéd, baked, or whatever you can think of. We accept just about anything here at the fanart department. If there are any three dimensional projects you have been holding onto, because you don't think we post them here; send them my way!

'Til next week,

~~ Libra

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