fan art May 22 2006
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Joe? Who's Joe? I didn't know! He's the black chocobo jockey--uh--yo!
Ode to Joe

I warned you, and it has happened! It's the Joe week! Kashu Arashi was so kind to supplement my Joe submissions, so you got quite the bountiful supply of Joe.

"Why," you ask,"is there a week dedicated to Joe?"

Well, quite frankly, I deserve to give him homage, because he kicked my butt at the chocobo races. Now, if you haven't figured out how Hojo fits into the pictures, let me say this: "HoJOE." =)

If I left anyone's eyecandy stomachs a little empty, I promise I will do a second update this week. Classes just ended, and this will be my salute to summer as well as those to those who successfully made it another year. If anyone has summery fanart in their collection, send them my way!

'Til mid-week,

~~ Libra

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