fan art April 30 2006
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It's never too cold to wear short sleeves--even at this altitude.
Backrub, Perhaps?

Does anyone remember when I said, "Fanart updates are on Sundays?" Well, I held true to that this week. It's my first time to do so since that update three weeks ago. At last I finally succeeded! I intend on making a habit of updating on Sundays.

I have been receiving a lot of Joe fanart. It struck me as quite a surprise. The Joe I am referring to is the black chocobo jockey from Final Fantasy VII. In fact, the volume is so great that I can give you an update of nothing but this forgotten character. In order to make a substantial update I would need just two more Joe fanarts. So, if you're Pro-Joe, then send in your artwork! If you're still scratching your head trying to remember who the heck Joe is, then protest in the forum! Either way it is joyous fun, no? =)

'Til next week,

~~ Libra

P.S. Mad props go to whoever can guess where this week's update name came from.

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