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Matt Herms
Matt Herms gives us an interesting perspective on how much work goes into making fan art. There's a lot to learn--and enjoy--from this piece.
Chocolate Moblins

Libra is a rebel! I did not post on Sunday like I said I would. Well, aren't I going up the down staircase? I was actually a slacker. I am late, because I was spending my time fixing the archives. I have recieved a few e-mails complaining about the archives being a little off. I would like to apologize to Staci/Nadia and Nathan R. Rork for having their art in the wrong place.

Now, I have good reason to believe that other art may be a little out of place. I would like to ask all fanartists who have had their art posted here to look in our archives for errors. If there are any pieces that are missing or under the wrong name, please notify me right away. I want to make sure that everything is correct so that the artists get credit for their hard work. =)

I would also like to thank everyone who has submitted artwork in the past two weeks. There was a void of fanart that was filled quite rapidly. Thank you! I've recieved a lot of impressive peices, so expect copious amounts of top-quality fandom!

'Til next week,

~~ Libra

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