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Master Mike a.k.a Rive_6
Master Mike shows us how he got the name 'Master' this week. Check out the use of chiaroscuro!
Frothy Milk

I hope I haven't caused any confusion. Last week I said I would update every Sunday. I still stand by that. I am pretty certain you can guess why I am a day late. That is correct! I was spending my time with the chocolate giving bunny, carrot cake with too much icing and a spiral cut ham. None of them really permitted me to escape to my duties. You know how chocolate can be.

If you are experiencing indigestion from yesterday's feasting give your stomach a rest, and let your eyes feast on this week's fanart! If you're not down with the bunny and ham thing then be happy that your stomach isn't sore, and still enjoy the fanart. For those of you who missed--or just can't remember--last week's update, we need more fanart! It is YOU who keeps this part of RPGamer alive. Keep sending the fanart, so I can keep posting. If you don't know how to go about submitting art, I have left my directions up this week. For more information on submitting, you can find links on the right side of this page.

'Til next week,

~~ Libra

Here's How to Submit Your Fanart:

1.) Make a sweet piece of art that is RPG related. We welcome any form of fanart not only drawings.

2.) Take a photo, scan or do what you have to in order to get your art on the computer. Then save it as a .jpg or .gif in this format:


3.) Drop me an e-mail at with the subject in this format:

[SUBMISSION] Your Name - Title of Work

4.) Tell me a bit about what you are submitting by filling out this template:

Artist Name or Alias:
Title of Animation:
Your E-mail Address or Webpage URL:
Your Comments:

5.) Attach files and send!

Now, that doesn't sound hard at all; does it?

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