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Rod V.
This lovely little treasure is brought to us by Rod.V.

It's that time of the week again! I personally always hated Sundays. They are a dreary day of dread when the impending doom of Monday is just looming over you. Doesn't that make you cringe? Well, rest assured, because from this day forth you will anxiously await the arrival of Sunday! I have now dubbed Sunday as fanart update day. I do hope that this is alright with everyone. If it is just the most horrid idea imaginable then, please, commence the throwing of the tomatoes.

Now, if you are not too busy finding spare tomatoes, then we have something to talk about. The fanart inbox was a little scant this week. You guys know that the more fanart you submit, then the more fanart you get. I love to give you guys big posts like last week. I'm asking you to let me do that more often. Don't be shy! Submitting fanart is easier than, well, throwing tomatoes at your local curator. =)

Here's How to Sumbit Your Fanart:

1.) Make a sweet piece of art that is RPG related. We welcome any form of fanart not only drawings.

2.) Take a photo, scan or do what you have to in order to get your art on the computer. Then save it as a .jpg or .gif in this format:


3.) Drop me an e-mail at with the subject in this format:

[SUBMISSION] Your Name - Title of Work

4.) Tell me a bit about what you are submitting by filling out this template:

Artist Name or Alias:
Title of Animation:
Your E-mail Address or Webpage URL:
Your Comments:

5.) Attach files and send!

Now, that doesn't sound hard at all; does it?

'Til next week,

~~ Libra

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