fan art April 1 2006
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Dan Flynn
I never expected to come across a cross-over picture like this. I must say, I like this piece much better than the movie that the layout is based on. ;-)
The Kitchen Sink Featured Week

Well, I am back in action! I am so sorry about last week. I really let you guys down, and that just puts myself down. I could give you some great reasoning as to why I didn't post, but I don't make excuses. To put it short and sweet: wireless networks are the Devil! From there you can play the guessing game, because it is quite a long story involving a 50's diner, biochemistry, sneaky source coding and ~lots~ of nacho cheese. If you want to get technical there was actually more ranch salad dressing than nacho cheese. Now, as an artist, I would find that to be a very inspiring situation. I better find some fanarts with nacho cheese and ranch salad dressing in my inbox within the week! ;-)

Let's get down to business. In an attempt to make up for my mucho party foul, I have supplied you with a rather copious supply of art. It's quite the 'Copious Coinpurse' I have for you. (Anyone play Oblivion yet? *wink wink*) That's right, honey; count them! Eleven peices this week! And you thought that I was slacking? Of course, you didn't. ;-) Due to the volume of art that I had to process this week, I found choosing the featured submission next to impossible, so I hearby dub this week "THE KITCHEN SINK FEATURED WEEK." Enjoy!

~~ Libra

P.S. Don't forget about your nacho cheese and ranch salad dressing fanart assignment. Biochemistry is optional. =)

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