fan art March 18 2006
Featured submission

After two years at college studying art extensively, I have one educated word to say about this gorgeous piece: "Wow!"
Fantasy Overload: Final

Last week there was some debate over the selection of the featured submission. I don't want submitters to feel their work is under any scrutiny. However, I am trying to organize a little system to help me choose the featured submission in a well thought out manner. It will be based off my old grading sheets from my color theory and drawing classes. Next week I should have it all together, and will let you know my new system for choosing the featured submission. I will admit that this week I opened a letter and said right away, "You are the featured submission."

Talking about the featured submission, Sandara brings us this breathtaking rendering of Rydia. And if you haven't noticed this week we got a lot more Final Fantasy fan art than you can shake a moogle at! Don't feel too bad about that shaken moogle, because he's spreading the love in Christopher "Kick" Myers' Kupo Love. (Yes, it was for Valentine's Day, but some of us missed it. This is for those who didn't get a valentine.) If you don't like those kinds of valentines, then StudioZel has a darker "Vincent Valentine" for you to oogle! Lucas Cersaine has a wonderful depiction of Setzer for us. Doesn't he look just dashing? (Yes, I'm smitten for any man who flies.) Oh, and about men who fly, Rosie Sullivan has a great peice for us this week: "Wingy." Rosie said she wasn't done, but I am really liking the rawness of the whole piece. Also breaking the Final Fantasy theme is Connor Quigley's "Little Mr.Confident" where our beloved hero Ness has put on a few years--for the better. ;-)

Keep the submissions coming guys, and I'll keep the posts a-posting! 'Til next week, adios!

~~ Libra

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