fan art March 12 2006
Featured submission

Sean Helmick
This is Sean Helmick's first submission! Isn't the shading just excellent?

For those of you who have tried to do hatching with an ink-pen, aren't you in awe of this week's featured submission? That's not an easy style to master. My hat's off to you, Sean.

On another note, today the weather was very Spring-esque. In honor of that, I had to have some pastels! We have some lovely soft style coloring brought to you by Shigeru and Straybullet to satisfy my Spring pastel quota. Now for those of you who just can't relate to my Spring fever, we have Connor Quigley and Lucas Cersaine here to bring you some lovely achromatic sketches. Also this week, we have another new submitter, Sonia Aston, who makes perspective look easy in "Found."

The following drawings were originally credited to the wrong person: "Pieces," "A Different Breed," and "Under the Sea." At first we gave credit to Tonberry Hunter, however we have since given Navie Chance proper credit for drawing these pictures. Sorry about the mix up!

~~ Libra

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