fan art Jan 6 2006
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Connor Quigley
Expect to see many more of Connor Quigley's amazing pencil sketches in future updates!
Cursed Clock Tower

This week, we're introducing Connor Quigley as our Featured Submitter. There's another pencil sketch from Kyleee and some great Tales of Symphonia art from Yambe Akka. Repeat submitters Rosie Sullivan and White Aeris bring us more Xenosaga and Kingdom Hearts art. Lackshmana and Locke are particularly colorful this update.

Ahem. Some people apparently can't respect other people's artwork, so I'm removing the Aeris piece. Many apologies to Sandy Truong who is the actual artist.

I'm running really low on art, so please send in tons of fanart to this week!

- Rebecca Bailey

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January 15, 2006

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  • Lawngnomesorceress: FFX-2 art
  • Shroudie: Xenosaga Double Techs
  • Slayer: Ridley art!
  • Martyr: Omega Slime Queen fanart
  • Xero: More KOS-MOS!
  • Tiptail: RABITES.
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