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Barananduen - Rinoa - Final Fantasy 8 Bouchacha - Sabin - Final Fantasy 6
Cho - Archer - Makai Kingdom Cute_kitty - Lenne - Final Fantasy X-2
Dan Flynn - Justin, Feena - Grandia Ellypoo - Reno, Yuffie - Final Fantasy 7
Gedrges - Paine, Lulu - Final Fantasy X-2 Matt Herms - Reno, Rude, Elena, Tseng, Vincent - Final Fantasy 7
Memii - Kid - Chrono Cross Sailok - Jet Enduro - Wild Arms 3
Sarah Franks - Shion, MOMO, Jr., chaos, KOS-MOS, Ziggy - Xenosaga Episode I tigertenshi - Aerith, Cloud - Final Fantasy 7
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I could really go for some Jell-O right about now. While you're checking out this week's fan art gallery, I think I'll treat myself to a delicious gelatin snack.

Our first catch of the day is Barananduen's beautiful Rinoa, followed by a sensational Sabin by Bouchacha. Cho sends in an adorable Makai Kingdom archer, and Cute_kitty submits a cute Lenne. We have some Grandia goodness courtesy of Dan Flynn, while Ellypoo shows us what really happened to Reno and Yuffie after Final Fantasy 7. Does anyone actually read this paragraph? Next up is Gedrges with a very interesting Final Fantasy X/X-2 piece. Matt Herms gives us an excellent portrait of the Turks, while Memii makes us feel like a Kid again. Sailok's Wild Arms 3 series continues with a chibi Jet Enduro, and Sarah Franks is all over the Xenosaga artwork. Finally we have tigertenshi's poignant piece featuring Cloud and a "sleeping" Aerith. Yeah, she's just sleeping. Don't worry; she'll wake up at the end of the game.

What is it about gelatin that makes me so happy? Maybe we should have an art update dedicated exclusively to fan art created out of gelatin. Or you can just keep sending in the kind of art we all know and love (don't forget those OmniArt Round Three submissions!), and we'll all just pretend that we never had this discussion.

- Nick "In A Gold Bikini" Ferris


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