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Ayn - Terra - Final Fantasy 6 Dead Fishie - Aya Brea - Parasite Eve
Delphine Pryde - Viki, Luc - Suikoden 2 Erica C. - Snowe, Hero4 - Suikoden 4
"Director's Cut"
Jamie Jennings - MOMO, Jr. - Xenosaga Episode II Memii - Eiko - Final Fantasy 9
Mister Helmet - Rosa, Rydia - Final Fantasy 4 Sailok - Gallows Caradine - Wild Arms 3
Sarah Franks - Cast - Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door TR - Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    >> Shut Up, Wesley!

Welcome to another titillating fan art gallery update! This week's lineup starts with a trio of Final Fantasy pieces. Ayn's "Dualities" series continues with a look at the two sides of Terra, while Memii gives us a battle scene featuring Eiko, and Mister Helmet contributes a follow-up to his previous submission featuring Rosa and Rydia. The rest of our submissions cover the full spectrum of RPGs, starting with some Suikoden series works. We have a cute little Viki and Luc by Delphine Pryde, and Erica C. sends in a Suikoden 4 comic starring Snowe and Hero4 (be sure to check out the "director's cut" version, too). Dead Fishie returns with a fan favorite--Aya Brea doing what she does best (looking pretty!). And since you're all undoubtedly playing Xenosaga Episode II, Jamie Jennings' masterpiece featuring MOMO and Jr. will help pass the time when you switch from Disc One to Two. And what would a fan art update be without another great Wild Arms 3 piece by Sailok? You're sure to love the next piece featuring the cast of Paper Mario 2 by Sarah Franks. And finally, TR's sends in an awesome Ganondorf sketch.

If you're a fan of science fiction movies and television, you are probably looking forward to May about as much as you are dreading it. Why? To start, Episode III of Star Wars finally hits theaters and brings the epic series to a close. It'll be a bittersweet moment for fans who will likely never again see a new Star Wars tale on the big screen. If that isn't bad enough, the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise will also air in May. While the first two seasons of Enterprise made Voyager look good, many fans agree that Enterprise pulled itself together last season and hasn't looked back since. With no immediate plans for a sixth Star Trek series, it looks like two of sci-fi's greatest franchises will be falling off the map ... at least for now.

If you're not a Trekkie or a whatever-they-call-Star-Wars-fans, you'll have to bear with the update titles for a few months as I pay tribute to some of the greatest random quotations from both series.

- Nick "Chief of Starfleet Fan Art" Ferris


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