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Alex C. Merrett - Weapon - Final Fantasy 7 Andrew Shikada - Fayt - Star Ocean 3
Ayn - Yuna - Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy X-2 Chinroku-sama - Ed, Ben - Brave Fencer Musashi
Delphine Pryde - Vincent, Yuffie - Final Fantasy 7 Katie Gnus - Calintz - Magna Carta
OmniArt Round 2 Honorable Mention
Look - Lulu - Final Fantasy 10 Robin Chyo - Gilgamesh - Final Fantasy 5
OmniArt Round 2 Honorable Mention
Sailok - Gallows Caradine, Jet Enduro, Clive Winslet - Wild Arms 3 Sarah Franks - Genus, Raine Sage - Tales of Symphonia
Temple Priestess - Rachel - Final Fantasy 6 Zach DiDomenick - Link - The Legend of Zelda

(Someone please recommend to me another anime series so I can go out and buy it and watch it. Otherwise, it'll be Cardcaptor Sakura update titles forever!)

Alas, another of those dreaded weeks between contest rounds. But fear not, for we have awesome visuals nonetheless for you hungry lookers-at of art! Onward we march into something something oh nevermind.

This week's assortment includes two pieces that would have been posted as Honorable Mentions in last week's OmniArt Round Two gallery, but a certain e-mail service (hint: starts with "G" and ends with "mail") decided not to send any of the entries submitted in the 15 minutes before the deadline. Katie Gnus summons up Calintz from Magna Carta, while Robin Chyo gives Gilgamesh an extreme makeover.

The Final Fantasy submissions this week include a Weapon from Alex C. Merrett, a Vincent and Yuffie from Delphine Pryde, and an adorable Lulu by Look. Ayn continues her "Dualities" series with Yuna times two, while Temple Priestess brings us a rare instance of fan art fan art with her take on Phoenix Rachel from Final Fantasy 6 (inspired by CainEJW's OmniArt submission). The Star Ocean 3 fan art library continues to grow with a Fayt by Andrew Shikada. Tales of Symphonia has also been quite popular here lately, and Sarah Franks gives us another quality piece from that game. Sailok returns with another Wild Arms piece, this time featuring Gallows, Jet, and Clive from the third title in the series. Chinroku-sama puts Brave Fencer Musashi back on the radar with a portrait of Ed and Ben. Rounding things off this week is Zach DiDomenick with a classic portrait of Link.

Even though next week will feature the announcement of OmniArt 2005 Round Three's challenge, it will also include a gallery update. Why? Well, it's simply because you guys have been sending in art by the barrel, and I don't particularly like artless updates anyway. Keep sending in those pretty pictures so that we can ensure there is never another artless update again!

- Nick "Dancing in the Street" Ferris


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