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Dualities - Reeve Ayn - Reeve, Cait Sith - Final Fantasy 7 Chinroku-sama - Gray - Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Gray
To Witness the Fate of the World... Delphine Pryde - Deis - Breath of Fire 4 Emroyka - Rikku - Final Fantasy X-2 Rikku LineArt
Recollection: Cloud Look - Cloud - Final Fantasy 7 Sailok - Brad Evans - Wild Arms 2 Brad
Judecca Sailok - Judecca - Wild Arms 2 Sarah Franks - Kratos - Tales of Symphonia Kratos & Chibis
Cactuar Zack DiDomenick - Cactuar - Final Fantasy 8 Zack DiDomenick - Garnet - Final Fantasy 9 Garnet Posing
    >> RELEASE!!!

Numerous artists wrote in over the last week with links to their deviantART gallery, but if you're still interested in having your RPG fan art automatically considered for posting in the RPGamer gallery, you can still send in your deviantART gallery link to the usual fan art submission address with "[GALLERY] Artist Name" in the subject line.

We also received an incredible influx of submissions this week, and the first batch of those submissions appears today. Several artists also submitted several pieces, so you can expect to see more from some of this week's submitters in the weeks to come. As for what we have this week, Ayn starts things off with the first piece in her "Dualities" series--a portrait of Reeve and his alter ego. Chinroku-sama fulfills a request for Harvest Moon fan art with everyone's favorite junior blacksmith, Gray. We also have a lovely Breath of Fire 4 fan artwork by Delphine Pryde. On the Final Fantasy side of the gallery, Emroyka makes Final Fantasy X-2 line art out of Rikku, while Look returns with a poignant piece depicting Cloud, and Zack DiDomenick sends in a Cactuar and a Garnet. Tales of Symphonia fans will love the "Kratos & Chibis" piece by Sarah Franks. Wild Arms artist Sailok brings this update to a close with two pieces featuring Brad Evans and Judecca.

The fan art inbox is full of amazing art for this round of OmniArt 2005, but you still have until Monday, February 14, 2005 at 11:59pm PST to send in your entry. Winners will be announced next update which, due to my travelling to Katsucon, may appear as early as Thursday night or as late as next Sunday night. As amazing as some of these entries are, I think it will be worth the wait.

- Nick "Guardian Beast of the Art" Ferris


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