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Final Fantasy Aaron - Rinoa - Final Fantasy 8 CainEJW - Paine - Final Fantasy X-2 Going Home
Going Home CainEJW - Paine - Final Fantasy X-2 CainEJW - Storm - X-Men Legends Whirlwind
Yuna Elle - Yuna - Final Fantasy X Maeva - Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth
Sophia Tiffany J. - Sophia - Star Ocean 3
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Hmm. Lots of snow outside. Fortunately I don't need to go anywhere. I'm stocked up on the essentials: milk, bread, toilet paper, and fan art!

This week, we have a fan art submission hat trick by CainEJW: two versions of Final Fantasy X's Paine and one Storm (snow not included) from X-Men Legends. Next up is a lovely batch of Final Fantasy artwork: a Rinoa from Aaron, a Yuna by Elle, and a Sephiroth by Maeva. Tiffany J. rounds things off with a nice Star Ocean 3 piece featuring Sophia. Excellent work as always, team!

We've already started receiving submissions for the A Little Summon Summon round of OmniArt 2005, and I got tons of questions regarding the acceptability of certain ideas. Please don't hesitate to ask if you're not sure if your idea fits in the guidelines. So far, I think every idea I've read has fit, but you can always run them by me first if you're not sure what counts as a summon or if you have another question. Just please include "[CONTEST] Question" in your subject line when you e-mail, or post your question in the current Fan Art update's forum thread.

Quite a few questions were also answered in last week's forum thread, including one I received asking for a good definition of "summon creature." Here's what I said:

For the purposes of this contest, any creature that is somehow brought out onto a battlefield during the course of battle counts as a summon. This could be through a summon command issued by a particular character (like the summon commands of the various Final Fantasy games), or the calling out of battle monsters like in Pokemon or other battle monster games.

Some things that AREN'T summons are regular battle characters (unless they have their own summon form, like Terra from Final Fantasy 6), non-summon enemies (unless they're summoned by another enemy), and non-battle characters (like regular people roaming around towns).

There may be a few exceptions to this rule that I'm not thinking of, so just ask me if you're not sure!

- Nick "Artiste de la Neige" Ferris


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