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Honeybee Inn Style Ben Deets - Cloud Heartly_unangel - Mog Freaky Fantasy
FFVII Halloween Megs - Tifa, Aerith Memii - Eiko, Yuffie, Rikku Selphie Jam!
Confused Peach RinoaZ - Peach Robin Chyo - Cloud, Squall, Tidus Selphie's Fantasy
Group Photo Sajomir - Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Irvine, Quistis Sakaya - Mog SelphMog!
Selphie for a Day S.C. - Vincent, Yuffie, Steiner, Rikku Sean Cassera - Goron Selphie the Goron
May as Selphie Sean E. Andersen - May Tana - Megaman Rock Selphie
Performance Thunder Blossom - Yuna

Quina as Selphie
First Place
"Quina as Selphie"
Mario Fantasy VIII
Second Place
"Mario Fantasy VIII"
Artwork by David Mitchell
Luigi, Peach
Third Place
Artwork by Lauren Nicolo
    >> Selphie Overload

I'm happy to say that the first round of OmniArt 2005 was met with a tremendous turnout of talented artists. The judges' final voting was very tight, but in the end, First Place went to Guillaume Chartier for the simply superb "Quina as Selphie." Congratulations also to our Second Place entrant, David Mitchell, with his piece entitled "Mario Fantasy VIII" and to the Third Place entry, "Switch-a-roo," by Lauren Nicolo. Remember, the top three finishers automatically advance to the finals of OmniArt 2005. In addition, I've also displayed a number of Honorable Mentions. Three wildcard entrants will be selected based on the Honorable Mentions from this and future preliminary rounds. All of our artists did a fantastic job, and I know the next round will be even more exciting.

Special thanks to our judges who struggled to pick the best out of many top-notch submissions. Our permanent judging panel for OmniArt 2005 consists of Derek Cavin, our Points of View Curator; Jeff Walker, former Fan Art Curator and present Master of Special Projects; and Cortney Stone, RPGamer's Head of News. This round's guest judges were Elliot Guisinger and Steve Przestrzelski, two members of our glorious News and Media Department. If you would like to serve as a guest judge in an upcoming contest round, check out the OmniArt 2005 page for more information.

Regular updates resume next week, so send in all that art you set aside when the contest started! And keep an eye out for Round Two which will be announced on January 15th.

- Nick "I Promise, No More Selphie For A While" Ferris


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