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Legendary Heroes Cyllya - Kratos, Martel, Mithos, Yuan, Noishe - Tales of Symphonia *SPOILERS* Doc - Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 Tifa Lockheart
A Roger and Link Christmas Heartly_unangel - Roger Bacon, Link - Shadow Hearts, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Heartly_unangel - Celine - Star Ocean 2 Star Ocean SS Celine
Cloud and Aerith Pandakid - Cloud, Aerith - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Shannon - Aerith - Final Fantasy 7 Water Burial
Angel Trainee Staci/Nadia - Flonne - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Stephie - Anara, Miyenne - Final Fantasy 11 FFXI Girls
    >> And Eight Tiny Reindeer

I see that a few industrious elves have left some goodies in the Fan Art stocking this week. To start, Cyllya rolls out another great Tales of Symphonia piece. We also have a Star Ocean: The Second Story request fulfillment by Heartly_unangel. Pandakid sends in a Cloud and Aerith, Advent Children style. Shannon brings us one of the most beautiful Aerith fan artworks I've ever seen. Stephie almost makes me want to play Final Fantasy 11 with a portrait of some lovely ladies.

A few of kweee's little helpers answered the call for holiday-themed submissions. First is Doc's piece which depicts Tifa in what she should have worn up at Icicle Inn. Also from Heartly_unangel this week is a Shadow Hearts and Zelda piece that reveals the true identity of Santa Claus and his right-hand elf. To top off our fan art tree is an angelic Flonne by Staci/Nadia.

Don't forget to send in your OmniArt Round One submissions by 11:59pm PST on Monday, Dec. 27th. The next update will be on New Years Day when we reveal the winners of Round One. Keep sending in your regular fan art submissions, too; we'll return to our normal format on January 8th.

Everybody have happy and safe holidays, and I'll see ya in '05!

- Nick "And To All A Good Night" Ferris


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