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Final Fantasy Tactics Cloud Cruzifixio - Cloud - Final Fantasy Tactics Cyllya - Tabatha - Tales of Symphonia The Seed
Pip At Cape Howl icysugarspike - Pip - Chrono Cross icysugarspike - Serge - Chrono Cross Serge and the Shadowcats
Doll Jamie Jennings - KOS-MOS, MOMO - Xenosaga Episode I Jenyf86 - Kid - Chrono Cross Kid
Heaven Bolt Back Kori-san - Malak, Rafa - Final Fantasy Tactics Kyle J. Owens - Yuna - Final Fantasy X Yuna
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If you ever find yourself planning a wedding, and you're at a baker sampling their 63 varieties of wedding cake, do your stomach a favor and don't eat all of the samples. Besides, if they tell you they have 63 kinds of cake, they really mean that they have seven kinds of cake arranged differently on nine tables.

I was a little worried that a contest announcement would dry up the regular submissions for a while, but you all came through with another fantastic batch of art. This week, we have three Chrono Cross pieces by icysugarspike and Jenyf86. Final Fantasy Tactics fans will enjoy the works submitted by Cruzifixio and Kori-san. Jamie Jennings has a lovely Xenosaga: Episode I piece featuring KOS-MOS and MOMO. Cyllya, who deserves the title of official Tales of Symphonia fan artist, gives us a terrific Tabatha. Last and not least is a great Yuna drawing by ten-year-old fan artist Kyle J. Owens.

As promised, the OmniArt 2005 contest page is up. It contains an estimated schedule for the next twelve months, along with full contest rules and information for anyone interested in serving as a guest judge in an upcoming qualifying round. In the weeks to come, the contest page will be updated with frequently asked questions, competition standings, and information on the grand prize package. You'll be able to access the contest page by clicking on the big OmniArt 2005 logo on the right menu bar.

We've already started to receive submissions for Round One of OmniArt 2005, but we received even more pleas to postpone the contest deadline. Since a lot of our artists are college students with final exams in mid-December, we've decided to extend the submission deadline for Round One to Monday, December 27, 2004 at 11:59pm PST. So make sure your Selphie For A Day contest entries are in the mailbox by that time. Preliminary rounds will also last four weeks now, with two weeks in between each round.

Before I forget, there were two questions that came up more than once in regard to the Round One challenge:

Can I use Selphie's SeeD uniform?
Yes. Don't forget the cute yellow bow for that extra Selphie touch!

Can I have Selphie in my artwork, as long as I also have someone else cosplaying her?

Thanks to everyone in the RPGamer Message Forums and to those who wrote in with suggestions for future contest round challenges. We'll definitely be using some of your ideas, and please keep sending in new ones! And we'll also stop calling ourselves "we" when it's really just me, kweee. Tee-hee.

My apologies for not keeping a consistent update day, though I will probably solidify on either Fridays or Saturdays in the next week or two. Or maybe Thursdays.

So until next week's update--or maybe Sundays--keep the fan art flowing, flowing, flowing!

- Nick "Or Maybe Mondays" Ferris


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