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The inevitable had to happen. For the past year I've been more than happy to bring to you this fan art section. I am proud of what it has become and of my involvement in this section. Believe it or not, fan art brought a lot more to my life than just viewing artwork. It allowed me to get a job at this website, to go to E3, meet some great people on and offline, forge a couple new friendships, and solidify a relationship. All because of this one tiny section on the web.

I want to thank all of you for sending in your artwork. From the good, to the bad, to the hilarious... I've always appreciated every single piece of art. It was an honor to be part of one of the greatest sections on this website. I wish to thank those that helped me as I started, and those that lifted me up when I started to think I could no longer do it. Those that wrote to me their concerns and wishes for the section, without you I could never have found the drive to improve this section.

I only apologize that I fell the way of the past curators. It was better to resign than to remain and drag down this section that I love. I wish Nick (kweee) the best of luck, and he has any assistance he ever needs, so don't be amazed if you see me pop in to help every now and again!

I will be remaining on the website as Designer and coordinator of Special Projects, so that means all of you better come see me when we do the RPGamer Awards and E3 blowout! I thank you sincerely for an enjoyable first year, and for those that chose me. My life has changed more than most believe, and I owe it all to this website and this section. I only hope it affects others as it has affected me. Here's to another year of improvement, innovation, and amazing artwork! I wish you all a good day, good evening, and good journey until we meet again!

~ Jeff 'CainEJW' Walker

Ahoy there! It's time for the good ship Fan Art to set sail again! Set a course for the Sea of Creativity, with a quick stop at the Port of Lame Naval Metaphors.

I'll start with a quick introduction, but you can read more about me in my staff bio. I'm Nick Ferris, your new and very excited Fan Art Curator. I recently graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science, and I spend my days working as a code monkey software engineer for a government contractor. Back in college, while working as the managing editor of the literary journal there, I discovered that I had a passion for publishing creative works, especially art. I gained quite a bit of experience with the entire production process, and I love meeting new writers and artists. I hope to have the chance to talk with all of you talented artists out there soon.

But enough about me. After all, you're here for the art! Well, that'll be coming along as soon as I go through the backlog. This is more of a quick "I'm here, and Fan Art is still alive" update.

If you've submitted art since the last update, you may want to send it in again just in case it got lost in the æther. I'd also like to get to know the regular fan artists (and the not-so-regular and new artists, and all of you die-hard fans of fan art), so I hope you'll take the time to send me a quick hello--and some fan art, too! Alternately, use the RPGamer IRC FAQ to get yourself on EsperNet and join #arthaus!

As for where I see the Fan Art section heading in the future, I hope to bring back some of the best features of previous years and introduce some new ones. Within an update or two, I'll start announcing contests that will carry some nifty little prizes. I also hope to continue the tutorial section with some entries of my own and of anyone who wishes to submit one. There will also be some adjustments made to the submission guidelines, but for now, please use the existing ones.

Before I close and start awaiting my first wave of awesome art, I'd like to thank the RPGamer staff for giving me this opportunity. I promise I won't let you down! And an extra special thanks to Jeff "CainEJW" Walker for running my favorite section for a very long time. Jeff will be sticking around to work on design and special projects, so you can still send him your warm and fuzzy thoughts.

Check back soon for the next art-tastic update! Until then, send all of your art and art-related e-mails to, and please follow the current submission guidelines if you're submitting art.

~ Nick 'kweee' Ferris

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