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I'm back! Well, I was always here but you get the idea. After taking a couple weeks to help our Media section deal with the past head's backlog problems, I'm finally back bringing you the best art money can buy! I'd like to thank Zachary for his update last week and I know he learned a little bit while doing it.

While I am here, I want to be serious for a second. I recently came across a post on a message board by someone that I was not aware existed. They called into question many parts of this section that I want to make clear to every single person that views this section.

I will not be tolerating anyone who steals anyone else's fan art as their own. While I do allow some freedom concerning poses, I do not allow people to cut and paste from other artists. Unlike past curators, I do not hold this section as hostage for my friends and people I think are talented. While I do not section off this site to people I think are exceeingly talented, I refuse to reject every artwork because it is not perfect.

Furthermore, I and many others are quite aware of the fact that this website does not hold the top quality of artwork out there. We are an open art site, we welcome all people to submit their artwork and possibly be accepted. It is not anyone else's right to discredit or insult any artist's work on this website. I simply ask that everyone that visits this section to respect art and their fellow artists. If you cannot do this, I ask that you not to bother coming here. It is not too much to ask to respect people's work.

Now, that the harshness is done I want to thank everyone that sent in their artwork this week and every week past. You are all talented in your own right. Every artist in our archives, never let anyone tell you that your artwork is subpar, even if they seem to believe they are the gods of art. Every artwork, every expression is precious. Even the ones that may leave us scratching our heads, because that is your expression, your world, and your way of seeing things. To those we don't put here, I want you to know that you are also talented. Your art may not have met our guidelines or may not have been what we were looking for, but you are most certainly talented. I hope not being accepted does not stop you from bettering your artwork and submitting another day with another piece.

Finally, I will soon be seeing about restarting the old Fan Art Q&A section. Years ago, Lorelai started this section basically to ask anything. From art to personal, it was all open season. I will be starting this soon. I will let you know when. Until then, send in that art, and don't let the supposed critics out there get you down. You may not be the best artist in the world, but you're still an artist--and that is all that matters.

PS: Please don't leave your toothbrush in the sink. You know I hate that.

- Jeff "Sincerely Yours" Walker


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