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    >> Foul Play

Yes, dear friends... Our beloved fan art curator has been met with the foulest of play this week. So, in preparation for the seance the RPGamer staff will be conducting tonight, I felt it would be a good light for his spirit to follow if we updated his section for him.

Truth be told, Jeff has been working diligently to help put our media department shambles to right and he should be back for the next update. In the mean time, you're stuck with me - ASV, of Points of View fame - as I start taking on the mantle of authority as RPGamer's new Head of Interaction. As to what exactly my new job entails... Even I'm not particularly sure.

So... I suppose I shall vacate these premises lest he feels I've over-stayed my welcome. Have a good weekend, all!

Jeff Says: Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. With the changing of the Interaction head comes a few changes with policy, and one of those was Zach wanting to know how to update the sections. So, what better way to let him find out than to get some of a free week? We had a lot of great art this week, so lets keep it up! My inbox filled with artwork the day schools were out, so keep sending in that art! Remember to keep to your guidelines!

As for my promised E3 journal, that has been on hold recently due to computer problems and plain being busy! I'll try to get it up soon, I promise. Until then, keep throwing your artwork my way and I will se you guys the next time I have enough art to update!

- Zachary "PoV, Art, and Guides... Check!" Lewis

- Jeff "Media's Bitch!" Walker


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