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    >> On a 5 day delay.

What a very odd month this has turned out to be for yours truly. A trip to the not-so-glorious Los Angeles, going to the once ina lifetime event known as E3, meeting up with some great people, and coming home to find computer problems that just nag. All in all, I gotta say oy and vey here!

E3 was great, I took a lot of pictures, but about half ended up being good enough or worthy of a scanning. You can see what I got here at this fun little link! I haven't gotten time to organize much, but beware they are huge 100+ kb images.

I hope everyone had a great week, look for my journal of E3 to pop up eventually. I'm still experiencing jetlag going from California to Arkansas. I always did have problems going forward. It's evil! I hope everyone enjoyed the E3 page this year, I heard a lot of praise and even got an e-mail telling me how much I actually inspire them to improve their art! Huge compliment!

- Jeff "It's 8...but the clock says 10!" Walker


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