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    >> Yup, it happened

It was only a matter of time until I had to do this. I hate filler updates with every fiber of me, but sometimes I don't have the time or the artwork to do an update. Although I am close to being able to update, I simply can't due to time. As many of you know, E3 is around the corner (8 days to be exact!) and I'm joining the E3 team in L.A. this year. I am also remodeling a room that I have let slide this week due to planning E3 both offline in terms of my trip, and online by actually working on the E3 section. I just do not have the time right now to do fan art updates.

I apologize for this, as basically it means you guys are going without an art update for a month. I'll make it up with lots of pictures from L.A. and an update as soon as I get back home, have the pictures developed, and can scan 'em!

A sidenote, since I'm sort of letting art slide for E3, you guys will absolutely love the E3 section this year! I've heard nothing but praise and happiness with the look this year and it should be a huge departure from the previous years to say the least! It's almost finished!

I really do want to apologize for putting art off, but I simply don't want to pencil this section in. Also a few more parting notes (I say a lot here, can't you tell?). Please follow the guidelines. There's been a lull lately in following the guidelines and that means often some submissions aren't accepted! It is not hard to read up on what our guidelines are. I like to see everyone's art, so please stick to the guidelines so I actually get it to the right place! Name your files correctly as well, "BOB Final Fantasy 7" is a no-no and you should know that.

[Submission] - Your Alias/Name - Your Artwork Title is what you put in the subject line. Your file should be named youralias_picturetitle.jpg. I'd prefer jpg just because it is easier for our servers sometimes. We recently had an issue with gif loading, thats why you see jpgs on the thumbnails now. Please do it right so I won't have to feel bad for rejecting your great art on a technicality.

That's about it for this update. I cannot stress guidelines enough. Guidelines. Guidelines. Guidelines! With that said, I'll see you guys from L.A. in 8 days. Friends don't let friends sing homoerotic mountain men songs.

- Jeff "Screw Prozac Cookie, give me a freekin' Valium Sandwich!" Walker


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